Trout fishing with Pontoon 21 Psychogun rod

Pontoon 21 Psychogun - the main objective in the development of a series Pontoon 21 Psychogun rods was getting maximum tactile sensitivity for the length of their forms and this has been achieved for all rods in this series regardless of their structural differences. The main point to solve this problem was the selection of materials individually for each model. The main graphite material produced by the Japanese group Toray. Among this well organize range you will find the power, which may open something new in fishing techniques for you. With Psychogun enjoyment starts not at fishing, but when you come to choose your rod.

* High-grade high-modulus graphite material from Japan
* Individual design of each model depending on mission
* The special and individual blank's design to achieve the maximum visual and tactile sensitivity

* Design of handle adapted for the certain fishing technique
* The maximum restraint power at fishing with fish
* Fuji K-guides anti-tangle
* Easy choice by model's name referring to the style of fishing and lure's type