Pontoon 21 Cup Lough Gowna Tournament results

Pontoon 21 cup tournament were held on Lough Gowna second year in the row on 26th April 2015. This year 79 anglers and 41 boats participated Pontoon 21 Cup Tournament on Lough Gowna organized/sponsored by Dou Hook and Anglersclub.eu

As never before been caught 329 pike, 158 meters of length in total on the event day. Every pike was safely returned back to water for next year challenge.

Thanks to all anglers who took place in Pontoon 21 cup tournament!

Top 10 teams of the day:

  1. Lucky John
  2. Lucky John II
  3. Laimonas & Nerijus
  4. Lydeku Patrulis
  5. Ruoniai
  6. Angler's
  7. Jaxon
  8. Predators
  9. Hard Baits
  10. Dulkan