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Team: ''Blue Boat''

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Entry fee must be paid in full 2 weeks before the competition to PayPal account. Send for friends or family. NO CHARGE



Date: 24th April 2022

Location: Lough Ree, Lanesborough, Co. Longford

Registration 9:00am to 9:30am

Start: 10:00 am

Finish: 16:00 pm

Team: 1 boat max. 2 anglers

Entry Fee: €35 per team/boat

All teams must have smartphone or tablet to be able to take picture and video of caught fish on measuring board. (Pike only)


  • Anglers will fish in pairs for pike only which will be measured and returned immediately to the water. One point will be awarded per cm and summed up to the square cm per fish. i.e. A pike of 80 cm in length will equal 6400 points.
  • The ranking shall be made based on the points obtained (expressed in square cm), and by summing up the square of the length of each fish caught by the two anglers making up the pair. The pair with the highest number of points will be winner. 
  • Five teams with highest points will be awarded. Additional award for biggest pike caught on competition.

Competition Rules:

Team pike fishing competition from the boat.
Date of competition is 24 APRIL 2022
Place of competition LOUGH REE, Lanesborough (53.673911,-7.997096)
Competition start 10:00am and finish 16:00pm. Everyone must give back results before 16:00. After 16:00 results will not be accepted.
Entry fee 30£ or 35€ per team. Entry fee must be paid in full 2 weeks before the competition to PayPal account. Send for friends or family. NO CHARGE
Up to 45 boats (90 people).
Only team who paid fee can be on competition. Boats will be checked by organizers from 9:00am to 9:30am.
Permitted methods:
Only spinning with artificial lures is allowed. 1 landing net per boat. Everyone must respect other competitors by distance minimum of 50 meters. Dead bait, worms, trolling, live bait, fly fishing not allowed. Every angler must have life jacket. NO LIFE JACKET- NO COMPETITION!!!
Only 1 rod can be use per person at the time, but everyone can hold as much they want rods in the boat.
Only 5 biggest pikes will be counting. Minimum size 60cm.
Every pike must be measured, picture and release video taken.
Measure boards will be provided by organizers.

Information about how picture should be taken on competition.

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