DAIWA Shinobi Braid 135m




Round-braided line for fresh and saltwater usage

This line is completely manufactured in Japan and fully consists of Dyneema® fibers. A special surface coating avoids the line taking on dust and improves abrasion resistance. Due to its coating, guide friction is reduced – as a result you can reach great casting distances silently while spin fishing. Thanks to the special spool construction, the line can be winded on the reel under pressure easily without any support like towels, etc.

  • Shinobi dark green 135m 0,12mm Diameter: 0,12mm ; Length: 135m ; Strenght: 5,0kg
  • Shinobi dark green 135m 0,14mm Diameter: 0,14mm ; Length: 135m ; Strenght: 7,5kg
  • Shinobi dark green 135m 0,16mm Diameter: 0,16mm ; Length: 135m ; Strenght: 10,0kg
  • Shinobi dark green 135m 0,18mm Diameter: 0,18mm ; Length: 135m ; Strenght: 12,3kg
  • Shinobi dark green 135m 0,20mm Diameter: 0,20mm ; Length: 135m ; Strenght: 14,8kg
  • Shinobi dark green 135m 0,24mm Diameter: 0,24mm ; Length: 135m ; Strenght: 18,5kg
  • Shinobi dark green 135m 0,28mm Diameter: 0,28mm ; Length: 135m ; Strenght: 24,5kg